Frequently Asked Questions

What file types does OurDesign accept?


What is the minimal file size?

1 MB.

What are the best dimensions for a cover and logo?

For best cover photo results, use an image 1170px by 310px.

For best logo photo results, use a square image 280px by 280px.

How do I get files this size?

Most if not all digital cameras made in the last 5 to 10 years will have file sizes that are good. Even phones from the past 3 years or so will be large enough.

Tips for best photos?

Use as much natural light as possible. Add a flash as needed. Keeping the space you are photographing free from clutter.

How do I delete my photo?

Your photo will not be removed from the site when you remove it from your project or showcase. It will remain visible from your profile until you delete it.

When viewing your photo, you should see a circled-x in the bottom left corner when you hover over the photo. Click the x and it will remove it from the site.

Where can I see all my photos?

Even if your photo is not contained in any of your projects or showcases, you can view them from your member or company profile. Simply click your name in the upper right corner of the site to go to your profile.

At the bottom of your profile, you will see your projects (or showcases), your photos and your videos. Click the photos icon to view all your photos and the videos icon to view all your videos.